In The Spotlight

Taylor Janzen – “New Mercies”

This young, inspirational singer and songwriter grew up just outside Winnipeg, Canada in a very religious family. Having had an emotionally tough upbringing, she turned to songwriting as an outlet. Released in June 2018, she wrote her debut single “Stations” about the isolation caused by psychological abuse. She wraps her honest lyricism in intricate pop melodies with vivid folk accents.

Exploring the remnants of her religious upbringing and her spiritual self, her latest single is a personal quest to find the route towards reuniting the two. The full orchestral support gives it a feverish energy and with the fiery percussion and the folky strings setting the scene, it’s her authentic, emotionally-laden vocal prowess which gives deeply intimate feelings an intensely positive vibe.

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Music History

Paulo Mendonca – “If You Come To Party”

From his album “11PM” (1995):

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New Music

Tessa Violet – “Bad Ideas”

This is the new single by singer, whimsical songwriter and YouTuber Tessa Violet:

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