In The Spotlight

Ballad – “Wondering”

Born in Angola, this stylish R&B singer and songwriter overcame his innate shyness by using music to adapt to a new culture after moving to the US. Inspired by legends such as Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Prince, he turned penning poetry into poignant songwriting. Finding beauty in classic R&B and soul, as well as in Ne-Yo and Usher-style hip hop, he debuted his single “Love You Down” in 2014.

Oozing with suave R&B sensitivities, his new single forges an intimate, enchanting soundscape. By only using a silky, acoustic guitar and a leisurely rhythm, a heavenly musical realm, filled with sophisticated elegance and refined flair, blossoms and allows his honeyed, soul-dripping vocals to feel right at home. Reminiscent of the legendary soul ballads of yore, it is a delicate aural flower full of wonder.

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Music History

Blondie – “11:59”

From their album “Parallel Lines” (1978):

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New Music

Neon Valley – “The Look In Your Eyes”

With a smooth 80s shimmer and a funky beat, this is the new single by Canadian duo Neon Valley:

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