In The Spotlight

Roman Clarke – “What Are We Gonna Do”

This Canadian multi-talent took his first careful steps on the music scene as a drummer, gigging with his musical family and as a member of the band The Middle Coast. Blending pop and R&B flavors, he finds his passion in crafting songs, both musically as lyrically, and that shows on his self-produced album “Scorcher”, for which he wrote every lyric, played every instrument and sang every vocal.

Starting his new single with an airy acoustic piano, bubbly handclaps and a melodic cheekiness, he generates a jolly mood from the very first note. Adding a lighthearted bounce, a peppy beat and sanguine strings, it evolves into a harmonious amalgam of nostalgically touched pop and R&B, which serves as a stage for his joyous, multi-faceted voice to come into its own and complete this jaunty gem.

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Music History

Belinda Carlisle – “Always Breaking My Heart”

From her album “A Woman & A Man” (1996):

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New Music

Eli Paperboy Reed – “Burn Me Up”

From his album “99 Cents Dreams” (2019):

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