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Kate Vargas – “Nothing Turns My Lock”

Raised in New Mexico, this singer and songwriter spent her teens as a wild child. Now New York based, she’s turned a new corner and chose a path of meditation, yoga and a renewed focus on her music. She took her folk-rock sound, dipped in blues and jazz and played venues from The Troubadour in London to New York’s Bowery Electric. She released her debut album “Down To My Soul” in 2014.

Her new single opens the door to a dark and smoky bar, where the jazz is as dusty as the booze. From a dim, foggy corner, a melancholy saxophone tells its woeful tale to a smooth brush drum. Sitting on a bar stool next to the beaten-up lounge piano, Kate chronicles her own bluesy saga. With an Eartha Kitt touched, whiskey-soaked vocal grit, she unlocked the twilit secrets of sultry vintage jazz.

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Music History

Kidda – “Strong Together”

From his album “Going Up” (2007):

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New Music

Mae Muller – “Anticlimax”

With a slick, soulful pop sound, this is the new single by British singer and songwriter Mae Muller:

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