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Tommy Down – “Superficial”

Back in 2015, this sharp-suited, Bristol-based British vocalist and lyricist fronted his Universities Jazz Band and started the genre-spanning project Harker Moon with four schoolmates. Inspired by multifarious influences ranging from Stevie Wonder and Al Green to Queen and the Arctic Monkeys, his solo sound is a varied fusion of wide-ranging styles mixed with fresh, innovative song writing.

Blending modern production with a retro, funkalicious vibe, this song takes the best from an invigorating 70s disco beat, dips it in some nostalgic mirrorball glitz and brings it up-to-date with a lyrical analysis of a social media addicted society. With striking synths and classic electric guitars laying the foundation, it’s his velvety, laid-back vocals, which saturate it with authentic funk appeal.

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Music History

Cheryl Lynn – “Fix It”

From her album “Preppie” (1983):

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New Music

Lighthouse Family – “Light On”

From their upcoming album “Blue Sky In My Head”, to be released on 5 July 2019:

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