In The Spotlight

Monti – “Shadow”

Having grown up in an abusive home, surrounded by drugs and alcoholism, Lauren Silva ran away and lived on the streets in an attempt to dodge foster care, gangs and substance abuse. Based in Los Angeles, she turned her life around and started to create empowering music with thought provoking lyricism about overcoming a life of hardships. She released her debut single “Echo” in 2017.

The last taster of her upcoming debut EP “This Is For You”, which is due to drop on May 9th, is engrossing from the first acoustic piano run. Fusing a plethora of influences into a punchy, harmonious feast, the buoyant pop rhythm, rousing funky horns and jazzy keys create a spectacular musical fireworks. And with her mighty, soulful vocals as focal point, this groove basks proudly in a sea of limelight.

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Music History

Steve Winwood – “Still In The Game”

From his album “Talking Back To The Night” (1982):

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New Music

Ina Wroldsen – “Body Parts”

Blending contemporary pop with some neon 80s synth sounds, this is the new single by Norwegian singer and songwriter Ina Wroldsen:

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