In The Spotlight

Melle – “Heart Race”

The future of this young Dutch singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist became clear when he fell in love with the sound of a cello aged 5 and when he started writing his own songs, he knew music and him were one. Inspired by artists like Tom Odell, Queen and The Beatles, he explores the whole musical spectrum from acoustic to explosive band pieces. He debuted with his 2019 EP “Y”.

Full of nostalgic 70s exuberance, his new single is a piano-driven vintage feast. Adding a spirited rhythm and elated guitars, all elements merge together in its high-energy chorus. While splashing exhilarated, sunlit tones over the melody, it’s his jovial, refreshing vocals that guide you through the lyrical love story. With a happiness-inducing radiance, this retro tune is bound to make you feel good.

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Music History

Chaka Khan – “Life Is A Dance”

From her album “Chaka” (1978):

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New Music

AMiR – “Got It For You”

Sizzling with electrifying funky vibes, this is the new single by British singer and songwriter AMiR:

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