In The Spotlight

The Commotions – “New Suit”

Pumping sizzling soul through the heart of the music scene, this 11-piece Canadian band was created by musical director and saxophonist Brian Asselin. Having toured with the legendary Funk Brothers, their blend of 70s soul and Motown rhythms was born. They’ve played festivals such as The Ottowa Jazz Festival and had their music featured on TV shows like The Fosters and Snowfall.

Boarding this time machine with a destination of slap bang in the middle of Motown’s glory years, their new single is dripping with vintage 60s funkalicious vibes. Erupting with their exuberant, red-hot horns and its fierce rhythm, this spirited jam is propelled into a retro stratosphere. And with the powerful vocals of Jeff Rogers, this groovy journey to yesteryear enriches all our senses.

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