In The Spotlight

Just Costa – “514”

Born and raised in Montreal, this Canadian brother and sister duo kicked off their careers on separate projects. Juliana was a singer/songwriter, while Jesse fronted rock and metal bands. After joining forces they’ve appeared on La Voix (The Voice) and had a 16-day tour of Italy. With a catchy sound inspired by artists like Bruno Mars and Earth, Wind & Fire, they debuted with “Peachy” earlier this year.

Paying tribute to their beloved hometown, their new single is bursting with energetic life. Named after the area code, they succeeded in instilling the city’s artsiness and joie de vivre into their sonic world. With a vintage vibe radiating from the funky retro pop and soul melodic blend and their varied vocals ranging from soulful to rap, this groovy ode is a feel-good jam with a sunlit electric vitality.

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