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Silk Tonic – “A Second Of Your Time”

Comprising of two childhood friends, who’ve been making music as long as they can remember, this Canadian indie-pop duo grew up near Montreal. With Matthew Brouillet being the lead singer/drummer and Mark Hodges the lead guitarist/bassist, they started the band OneFortySeven in 2017 and debuted with “Let Me Go” in 2018. Changing names in 2020, they released their single “Summer Time”.

Narrating the relatable situation of seeing someone you like when walking into a bar or club and hoping they will acknowledge you, their new single has a cheerful bounce in its step. With a funky beat and groovy wah-wah guitars lighting up the dancefloor, it’s the sensuous, multi-layered vocals which add sexiness and style. Steamy and highly danceable, this hot jam is well worth the full 2 minutes 45.

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Music History

Little Jackie – “The World Should Revolve Around Me”

From their album “The Stoop” (2008):

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New Music

Zak Abel – “Be Kind”

Splashing a feel-good pop jam with groovy vibes, this is the new single by British singer and songwriter Zak Abel:

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