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Tropic – “Slave To The Rhythm”

This groovy Brooklyn-based duo, consisting of electronic producer and DJ Phuse and R&B singer/songwriter Jo-B Sebastian, created a fusion of nostalgic funk, pop and soul with futuristic beats and luscious production. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey and Luther Vandross, they debuted their innovational and rich sound on their self-released EP “Bittersweet” in 2018.

Highlighting their unique blend of electronic mastery and classic sounds, their new single is satisfying on every level. Kicking off with shimmering synths and a teasing beat, they draw you into their sonic realm, before upping the speed and adding soulful, seductive vocals. And by effortlessly marrying 90s R&B, classic soul and modern production, your ears will be a slave to this dazzling tune.

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Music History

Michelle Gayle – “Sensational”

From her album “Sensational” (1997):

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New Music

Joshua Henry – “Guarantee”

From his EP “Guarantee” (2021):

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