In The Spotlight

Luna Li – “Cherry Pit”

Born and raised in Toronto, this Canadian vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist grew up training in classical music and studied violin at McGill University in Montreal. Inspired by local bands and the new garage rock scene, she dropped out at 18. Playing guitar, harp, violin and keyboards, she debuted her dreamy, classically touched indie-pop sound on her 2017 single “Opal Angel”.

Cherry-picked for your listening pleasure, her new single combines her classical background with contemporary vibes. Opening with dramatic drums and electric guitars, the track suddenly enters her mellow and shimmering world. A simple electronic rhythm and lavish sunlit keys accompany her mesmerizing, silken vocals and lead you by the ears through her hazy and sumptuous soundscape.

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Music History

Electric Light Orchestra – “The Diary Of Horace Wimp”

From their album “Discovery” (1979):

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New Music

Fickle Friends – “Not In The Mood”

From their upcoming EP “Weird Years (Season 2)”, to be released on 7 May 2021:

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