In The Spotlight

Alice Pisano – “Open Up”

Born and raised in Ferrera, this Italian singer-songwriter got the music bug when her dad brought home a piano when she was 7. After piano and singing lessons and starting the band Down The Rabbit Hole in high school, she moved to London and attended the renowned Academy of Contemporary Music. Inspired by Lana Del Rey, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan, she debuted with “Celebrate Life” in 2018.

Bring on the sonic sunshine and radiant synths, because her new bubbly single is bursting with bright summertime luminescence. With every note carrying a joyous cocktail of refreshing tones, it’s her uplifting vocals that put the paper umbrella on top. Filled with anthemic pop vibes and an indulgent euphoric chorus, this lustrous jam will open up its melodic arms and give you a warm aural embrace.

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