In The Spotlight

Sophia Fracassi – “Somebody”

Hailing from a small town called Everett, this youthful Canadian singer and songwriter began performing at the age of 5 and wrote her first song aged 9. She’s had eleven years of voice training, honing her impressive mezzo soprano range. Inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell, Taylor Swift and Alessia Cara, she debuted her emotive and rich pop sound on “Wish I Never Met You” earlier this year.

Creating intricate melodies and honest lyrics with a skill well beyond her years, her new single draws listeners into her musical world. Starting the song with a lavish and emotive acoustic piano is instantly spellbinding, while her seasoned vocals deal with the overwhelming feelings of loneliness. With the imposing tune ascending to a mighty crescendo in the chorus, this is a multi-layered sensation.

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