In The Spotlight

Cool Company – “Aqua Girl”

Consisting of vocalist Yannick Hughes and producer Matt Fishman, this Brooklyn-based duo met in a choir in high school. While Yannick was always singing as a kid, Matt started playing the trombone and plays several others. Drawing inspiration from Motown to The Weeknd (Yannick) and Stevie Wonder to The Beatles (Matt), they debuted their hiphop/soul blend on their self-titled album in 2013.

Fusing contemporary sounds and effects with buttery-smooth, soul-dripping R&B, their new single is a refreshing splash in a sonic pool. While the modern beats keeps the track in the here and now, it’s the 90s-infused R&B melody, the retro rap and soul-dipped vocals that showers you in a time-traveling drizzle. Arousing and infectious, this lush jam is drenched in vintage R&B vibes.

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