In The Spotlight

Nina Luna – “Dawn To Day”

Hailing from Minneapolis, this flourishing singer and songwriter spent her teens and 20s pursuing a career in music. A move to New York City, a degree from NYU and glowing reviews later, still left her feeling unsatisfied. She returned home to regroup and reinvent herself. Inspired by Alicia Keys and Christina Aguilera, she debuted with her single “Blaze” in 2017, reaching over 100k Spotify plays.

Incorporating her new-found self-love and joy into her music, her new single is a heavenly rollercoaster of sheer emotion. Singing about the feelings that arise during new love, it’s the elegant piano tones that paint the vulnerable soundscape. Guiding you to a burst of rhythmic passion, her dulcet vocals add a touch of allure. Filled with charm and a heartfelt ambience, this is the dawn of her new self.

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