In The Spotlight

Cliff Beach – “I Got Soul”

Born in Washington DC and now Los Angeles-based, this singer and songwriter grew up surrounded by family members who were acapella vocalists. A lifelong student of music, he went on to attend Berklee School Of Music, while absorbing various styles ranging from Stevie Wonder and Quincy Jones, to Billie Holiday and The Beatles. He debuted with his 2013 EP “Who The Funk Is Cliff Beach?”.

Mixing a delicious cocktail of soul, R&B, jazz and funk, his new single is a funkalicious celebration of percussion. Adding a little paper umbrella of joyous gospel tones, it’s the 70s wah-wah guitars, choral harmonies and relentless pace that truly tugs at your dancing feet. And with his classic jubilant vocals infusing the melody with pure soul, this is one groove your ears will be eternally grateful for.

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