In The Spotlight

CatchTwentyTwo – “Night Is Done”

Born in South-Florida, but having spent most of his youth moving from state to state, this unique singer, songwriter and producer picked up the spark for music along the way after discovering Michael Jackson. Inspired by the King Of Pop, as well as Prince, The Weeknd and Daft Punk, he mixed both classic and current pop and R&B into a distinctive new sound. He debuted with “Coming For Blood” In 2019.

Shimmering in a neon, electronic soundscape, his new single fuses 80s synths with a funkalicious vibe. With a 70s disco rhythm, funky bassline and glistening synths effortlessly merging together into a rich, retro rouse and his vintage, soulful vocals singing about the tantalizing feeling of not being able to touch the one person you love, this invigorating groove will drag you onto the dancefloor.

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