In The Spotlight

Jeremy Voltz – “Like The Very First Time”

Although being a mathematician turned out not to be the right path, this Canadian singer and songwriter found his muse in music. As a vocalist he’s toured all over the world and is a founding member of vocal group Countermeasure. His songwriting skills can be heard in film and TV. With an indie-soul sound likened to Jeff Buckley and Stevie Wonder, he debuted with the aptly named single “First” in 2018.

With a subtle nod to TV-show Buffy The Vampire Slayer, his new single pays tribute to a love that cannot be. Taken from his upcoming album “Weekender”, to be released on October 22nd, he starts with easygoing guitar plucks and a mellow beat creating a romantic vibe, before the pace picks up and becomes a timeless harmonic treat. And with his soul-infused voice, this lush gem is perfect all the time.

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