In The Spotlight

Dylan – “Nineteen”

Born in the small village of Bures as Natasha Woods, this British singer and songwriter grew up in the hues of her dad’s rock collection, such as Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses. Finding that piano lessons were not for her, she chose the guitar after hearing her brother play. Named after the name she would’ve been called had she been born a boy, she debuted with “Bad Bitches Beat Heartbreak” in 2019.

Dipped in colorful nostalgia and memories of the carefree days of youth, her new single is a sonic escape to the laid-back summer days of being 19. Easing her way into the track, she begins with her enchanting voice and a minimal, yet magical backing, before the song comes to life in the bubbly chorus. With sparkling synths, a catchy rhythm and some neon pep, this gem is as charming as it is perky.

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