In The Spotlight

Sansha – “Dream Dancer”

Born as Francesca Lewis in London to a drama teacher dad and a music teacher mum, this British singer, songwriter and musician was classically trained on the violin and trumpet as a child. She now creates electronic music in her bedroom, inspired by 70s bands, disco and current DJ’s such as DJ Koze and Caribou. She debuted her skillful aural fusion and lyrical flair on her 2017 single “Gonna Be”.

Looking forward to meeting up with her friends after lockdown, as well as the arrival of her brother’s baby, her new single captures her anticipation in an electronic disco soundscape. Keeping the instrumentation simple with layered synths and a catchy rhythm, it’s her Lily Allen-touched vocals that add a dash of magic to this soothing, retro-infused tune and forges a bright, dreamy ambience.

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