In The Spotlight

Favours – “Call Me”

Hailing from Toronto, this Canadian duo made up of Alex Zen and Jacq Andrade met while they were making music video’s for other artists. They decided to form the band as an outlet for their own creativity and ideas. Finding a fusion between modern indie synth-rock like Beach House and hazy new wave influences such as Joy Division, they debuted their dreampop sound on “In The Night” in 2018.

Traveling back to the neon days of the glorious 80s, their new single is a dreamy, pastel-coloured pastiche of new wave luster. Taken from their upcoming EP “Left Behind”, expected to drop this fall, they immerse themselves in retro electronica and shimmering synths, before being joined by a catchy drum beat. And with Depeche Mode-reminiscent vocals, this is one jam you will keep calling on.

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