In The Spotlight

Handsome Jack – “Roll It”

Formed in 2004 and hailing from Lockport, New York, this rock trio gained their name playing a fusion of blues, R&B and garage rock they like to call ‘Boogie Soul’. Consisting of Jamison Passuite, Joey Verdonselli and Bennie Hayes, they started touring with their swaggering 70s-style blues rock sound and shared the stage with Blue Cheer and The J. Geils Band. They debuted with “Time Will Tell” in 2011.

Dedicated to their old rust bucket of a tour van, their new single takes slight whimsical lyrics and wraps them in a titillating groove. Taken from their upcoming album “Get Humble”, expected to drop on October 29th, they gave it a rock-dipped, rich, classic soul vibe. With bright, vintage guitars, 60s-inspired rhythm and powerful, soul-infused vocals, this is a standout tune where old and new meets.

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