In The Spotlight

Madeline Hawthorne – “Strange Familiar”

Born in New England to a vocalist mother and a concert conductor father, this acclaimed singer and songwriter was raised surrounded by music. She grew up singing in a choir and began writing original songs aged 16. In 2014 she started the successful folk band The Hawthorne Roots. Inspired by Joni Mitchell and Bonnie Raitt, she debuted her solo mix of roots, country and soul on “Boots” last August.

Fusing the most melodic elements of Americana, country and rock, her new single let’s the music tell the story, as well as the lyrics. Taken from her debut solo album “Boots”, it’s the crisp acoustic guitar, a brisk rhythm and stirring electric guitars, that merge in a fiery musical meld. And with her heartfelt vocals, with just enough added grit, this rousing jam feels both familiar and fresh.

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Music History

Graham Gouldman – “Sunburn”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Sunburn” (1979):

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New Music

Sweet California – “Bet On Me”

With a virulent dancebeat, coated in 80s colors, this is the new single by Spanish trio Sweet California:

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