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Skylar Lee – “Roman Holiday”

Some people are born with music coursing through their veins and this multi-talented singer and songwriter is the perfect example. She’s devoted her childhood practicing piano, guitar and singing, adding writing and producing later. Now Nashville-based, she draws inspiration from Dua Lipa, Dagny and Carly Rae Jepsen and debuted her nostalgic pop sound on “Stranger To The Melodies” in 2019.

Incorporating the charm and romanticism of its namesake movie, her new single tells the relatable story of finding refuge in true love, even when the timing is off. With an intricate melody fusing a hypnotic beat with shimmering synths, the song bursts to life in the bustling chorus, filled with catchy hooks. And with her emotive vocals adding a fresh twinkle, this tune is jam-packed with sonic glamour.

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Music History

Hue & Cry – “Headin’ For A Fall”

From their album “Open Soul” (2008):

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New Music

Magdalena Bay – “Hysterical Us”

From their debut album “Mercurial World” (2021):

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