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Amanda Jerlov – “Thinking Bout You”

Hailing from Gothenburg, this rising Swedish singer and songwriter has a love of performing running through her veins. As a child she was already putting on elaborate concerts in her parents’ living room. She’s currently honing her craft at music school Musikmakarna. Inspired by the 70s and 80s sounds of Stevie Wonder and Diana Ross, she debuted with her single “One Not Two” in 2021.

Infused with retro-pop pizzazz and a splash of colorful neon luster, her new single is a playful and invigorating groove. Blending 80s electro of the shimmering synths with a relentless funky bassline, she designs her own sweeping soundscape. And with her dancing vocals, singing about regretting ending a relationship, this is a slick, vintage-dipped jam you’ll surely be thinking about.

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Music History

Shane Howard – “Walk On Fire”

From his album “River” (1990):

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New Music

Tove Styrke – “Start Walking”

Sparkling with a beat-driven 80s-touched neon vibe, this is the new single by Swedish songstress Tove Styrke:

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