In The Spotlight

Mike Bauer – “Let’s Have A Dance”

This award-winning sonic superhero is a Deputy District Attorney for Los Angeles by day, but a groovy singer and songwriter by night. He grew up in a musical household, with a tap dancing grandfather, a big band singer father and a cellist sister and spent time performing in smoke-filled clubs with jazz combos. In 2012 he debuted with the first in a three-part EP series, called “Financial Aid, Vol.1”.

Driving down the funkalicious freeway with an explosive amount of soulful horsepower, his new single is bursting with his highly infectious retro style. From the buzzing electric wah wah guitar plucks to the toe-tapping rhythm and 70s disco strings, this juiced vehicle of funk is a primo ear-pleaser. And with his imposing vocal range traveling over the lush melody, this is a jam you’ve got to dance to.

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