In The Spotlight

Wren Wilder – “Want Me Too”

Based in Burbank, California, this über-talented artist is not just a singer and songwriter, but also a gifted multi-instrumentalist, playing Wurlitzer organ, piano, guitar, drums, synths and bass. She grew up in a music nurturing household and listened to Fiona Apple, Tom Waits and Rufus Wainwright, although her main inspiration is Regina Spektor. She debuted with the single “Harmony” in 2018.

Wrapping the liberating feeling of self-acceptance in a shroud of melodious magic, her new single fuses the cream of the pop with splashes of genre-spanning sounds. First enchanting with a piano and her alluring voice, then rousing with 80s-styled drums, followed by a bridge of playful keys and operatic vocals. Empowering and full of passion, this unique sonic blend is truly what you want.

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