In The Spotlight

Moonwood – “Sydney Lights”

Made up of five friends from Australia, the United States and Canada, this Sydney-based band created a refreshing take on alternative rock. Consisting of Jake, Justin, Aaron, Will and Paul, they fuse analog synths, dreamy guitars and contemplative lyricism into a stylish, yet rugged sound. Inspired by the likes of The 1975, Kings Of Leon and Bruce Springsteen, they debuted with “Big Red Sun” in July 2021.

Glistening on the crystal-clear melodic waves, their new single tells the story of finding new appreciation for your hometown with sonic sophistication. Painting their own own musical world with smooth, steady brush-strokes, it’s the gentle sway of the guitars, the mellow beat and the soft, suave vocals expressing true longing, that conjures up an enchanting, melancholic aural world full of warmth.

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