In The Spotlight

Tor Miller – “Focus”

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, this passionate singer and songwriter got interested in music aged 12 after his mom gave him albums of 70s and 80s artists like Elton John, David Bowie and Billy Joel to listen to on his daily commute. He started taking piano lessons and attended NYU’s Clive Davis School Of Music by day and performing by night. He released his debut EP “Headlights” in 2015.

Starting with mellow, 80s-infused synths and a crisp retro rhythm, his new single has a velvety, Phil Collins-like vibe. Sounding like the sleek, heartfelt ballads from the neon decade, he added a few contemporary electronic effects to bring it up to date. And with his hypnotic, silken vocals conveying every lyrical emotion with zeal, this delicious, vintage-dipped smooth groove is well worth focusing on.

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