In The Spotlight

Lucy Wroe – “Want You Back”

Born in Winchester and now based in London, this authentic singer and songwriter had music in her life since birth. After playing cello in school, her grandfather taught her to play the guitar aged 10. She spent a decade writing songs and honing an indie-folk sound, inspired by icons such as Kate Bush and Joni Mitchell. This led to the release of her debut EP “Thoughts On A Dream” in 2020.

Having enriched her lush sound with jazz-infused hues, inspired by Liannne La Havas and Jessie Ware, her new single offers a rich palette of colorful sonic influences. Keeping an easy-going vibe throughout, she injects a lively rhythm, enchanting keys and crisp guitars for her warm and soothing vocals to play with. And with a rousing saxophone solo, you’ll have this sumptuous jam on repeat.

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