In The Spotlight

Michael Rault – “Right On Time”

Edmonton-born and now Montreal-based, this Canadian singer and songwriter was exposed to music from birth as his dad, uncle and his mom were all full-time musicians. Also a gifted multi-instrumentalist, he draws inspiration from 60s and 70s rock. Hugely influenced by The Beatles sound, as well as Neil Young and Bo Diddley, he debuted his unique, retro-flavored sonic mix on “Still Not Sad” in 2014.

With a touch more psychedelia than his previous release, his new single remains doused in late 60s rock vibes. Taken from his upcoming, self-titled album, expected to drop on June 10th, he takes a Californian, Beach Boys-esque, surf tune and fuses it with a multi-colored musical acid trip. With a mellow percussion, laid-back bass plucks and layered vocals, this ethereal odyssey is totally groovy.

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