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Cecilia Castleman – “Lonely Nights”

Based in Nashville, this rising singer and songwriter was born into a family of musicians and raised on a steady diet of diverse music, ranging from Fleetwood Mac to Bonnie Raitt and J.J. Cale. After her parents’ divorce when she was 11, she dealt with her emotions using a guitar and a pen. Though self-taught on guitar, bass and keys, she went to The Blackbird Academy for a studio engineering course.

Describing the feeling of isolation caused by loneliness, her debut single introduces her intricate and emotive songwriting skills. With a sound that is reminiscent of the folk-pop songwriters of the 70s, she’s created an honest melody with a mix of acoustic and electric guitars and a mellow rhythm. And with her honey-sweet vocals singing her poetic lyrics, this luscious tune has a timeless quality.

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