In The Spotlight

Loie – “That’s My Girl”

Born and raised in Brixton, this emerging British singer and songwriter created an unique sound influenced by a culturally enriched upbringing through her Trini-Chinese family heritage. Drawing inspiration from iconic female artists such as Erykah Badu, Kate Bush and Nina Simone, she combines soulful R&B grooves with jazzy undertones. She released her debut single “Take You There” in 2021.

Smooth, seductive and unapologetically retro, her new single takes a leaf out of the vast book of sleek 90s R&B. With an alluring mellow rhythm and sexy synths creating the enticing soundscape, it’s her flirtatious and refined vocals singing words of female empowerment that pull this spellbinding groove together. Blending classic R&B tones with a touch of modernity, this is a phenomenal jam.

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