In The Spotlight

Benny Atlas – “Let You Know”

Hailing from Wolverhampton, this London-based soulster has always been into music, despite coming from a non-musical family. Their music appreciation was high though and he was introduced to anything from Armenian music to Bob Dylan. Inspired by Earth, Wind & Fire and Marvin Gaye, he created an unique blend of classic soul and R&B with hints of house. He debuted with “Paradise” in 2020.

Taking the listener on a soulful trip down memory lane, his new single is a funkalicious groove. Lyrically wrestling between temptation and true love, this melody is pure 70s-tinged seduction. With a funky rhythm, retro strings and his smooth, flirtatious vocals stroking your eardrums, this delicious tune grabs velvety funk and sexy soul and fuses them together into a jam you’ll just have to know.

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