In The Spotlight

Julia Cannon – “These Dreams”

Raised in Alaska, this genre-bending singer, songwriter and music producer has a Filipino-Panamanian heritage. While money was tight when she was growing up, she learned to survive adversities. Encouraged by someone to pursue her dreams, she attended Berklee College of Music. Inspired by artists like Paul McCartney, Ella Fitzgerald and Stevie Wonder, she debuted on “My Name Is Julia” in 2015.

Meant to bring comfort to those who are struggling with abandoment issues and anxiety dreams, her new single sounds like a warm and soothing hug. With a mellow acoustic piano, gentle rhythm and smooth guitar plucks creating an easygoing, jazz-infused soundscape, it’s the tranquil and calming timbre of her voice that make this welcoming jazzy jam sound like a delightful sonic dream.

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