In The Spotlight

Sharon Watkins – “Stranded”

Although this gifted Manchester-born British singer and songwriter spent her whole life creating songs, she’s spent 20 years in global marketing. After deciding to enter and win the UK Northern Songwriters Competition, she moved to the US to work on her sound. Now back in the UK and influenced by artists from Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young to Joni Mitchell, she debuted with “Proud” in 2022.

Using the metaphor of boats stuck in the mud, waiting until the tide takes them out again, her new single shines a light on the urge to let loose after hard times. Guided by a feel-good and infectious tune, her joyous, slightly husky vocals tell the uplifting tale. Dipped in a classic soul vibe and feeling cheerful and anthemic, this passionate sunlit jam is filled with summery positivity and rich vibrant fun.

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