In The Spotlight

Taylah Carroll – “Intentions”

Based in Melbourne, this Australian singer, songwriter and musician wanted to be a singer since she was young. However, doubt setting in at 14 led her to go and get a psychology degree. After graduating she decided to give her music career a fair shot. Now mentored by renowned artist Olympia and inspired by the likes of Tom Waits, Tori Amos and Radiohead, she debuted with “Vermont” in 2019.

Ingeniously blending 60s psychedelic folk-pop with deep classic soul, her new single is completely hypnotic and bewitching. Starting with a laidback bass line and a simple beat, it’s her compelling vocals that instantly grab your attention. And with the addition of the vintage guitar riffs conjuring images of dark and smoky 60s bars and the unfolding sonic intensity, this retro jam is totally groovy.

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