In The Spotlight

Royal Wood – “Make Believe”

Born in Lakefield and now Toronto-based, this Canadian singer, songwriter and musician started playing piano by ear aged 4. A multi-instrumentalist, he also plays guitar, bass, drums, clarinet and trumpet. Since then he’s opened for Bonnie Raitt and David Gray. Inspired by wide-ranging artists from Cat Stevens and Bob Dylan to Jeff Buckley and Nina Simone, he debuted with “The Milkweed EP” in 2002.

When times are rough, it’s easy to think that abandoning love is the right thing to do, but his new single highlights the fact that when love is true, it stays with you. Taken from his upcoming album “What Tomorrow Brings”, ready to drop on November 4th, he tells the emotive story on a luscious melody of airy 70s-infused pop. And with jaunty drums and fresh piano, you need to hear this to believe it.

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