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Meadowhip – “Am I Broken”

Born as Cara Walkam and hailing from Wollongong, this Australian songbird has been a songwriter most of her life, but initially studied to become a lawyer. In 2015 she formed the band Territories with Jimmy Murada. Following her recovery from a major stroke in 2019, she decided to explore a solo sound as well. Inspired by Tame Impala and Erykah Badu, she debuted with “Unexceptional” in 2021.

Telling the story about a person who’s hurting and rage felt for the one who hurt her, her new single wraps the empowering lyrics in a charming mellow tune. Taken from her upcoming EP “Ruckus”, expected later in the year, she gave the guitars a hazy lo-fi effect and the horns a vintage sound to create some old-school glamour. And with her hypnotic vocals, there’s nothing broken about this jam.

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