In The Spotlight

Sam Casey – “New Company”

Based in Toronto, this Canadian singer and songwriter started piano lessons at a young age and later added guitar. She attended a music school called Beyond The Beat. Initially sharing time with playing hockey, ultimately music took over. Now she’s writing and co-writing for other artists as well. Inspired by Miley Cyrus, Supertramp and Tame Impala, she debuted with “New & Used” in 2016.

As a fervent diarist, the lyrics of her new single were taken from one of her diary entries and describe a relationship with someone who wasn’t able to provide what she needed. Taken from her new EP, she blends hypnotic, smooth soul with 90s-styled R&B. Infusing the velveteen tune with honest emotion and a touch of sass, it’s her seductive vocals that will keep your ears company.

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