In The Spotlight

John Gallen – “1970s”

Starting his solo music career at the age of 51, this Irish singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist surely bided his time. He taught himself piano and guitar by the age of 10 and worked as a lawyer for 30 years. He opened a studio in 1998, co-producing the 2000 album “In Blue” by The Corrs. Likened to artists like David Bowie, Bryan Ferry and Prince, he debuted with “Positive Attitude” in 2022.

Transporting the listener back to the titular decade, his new single infuses infectious pop-rock with vintage funk. Taken from his debut album “1970s”, released earlier this year, he starts the track with a mellow, Talking Heads-touched melody, before adding an energetic oomph to the chorus. With retro sounding pop-rock vibe enriched with lively horns and his refined vocals, this is an arousing jam.

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