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Karma’s Tea – “Magic”

Formed by keyboardist Mike Desroches and skilled singer-songwriter Mystina, this duo has already made their mark on the music scene. Mike fronted a Chick Corea Fusion band and traveled with the Skynyrd Legends Tour. Mystina has R&B in her blood and performed for Michael Jackson in 2002. Inspired by the likes of Janelle Monáe and Earth, Wind & Fire, they debuted with “What Do You Do” in 2020.

Filled with an infectious vibrancy and funky feel-good vibes, their new single fluently blends classic R&B, New Jack Swing and sizzling soul into a delicious, 80s-touched dancefloor banger. With a bouncy handclap beat, slick synths and bubbly harmonies creating a neon-colored sonic glow, it’s the vintage vitality and her ear-stroking vocals that give this lavish groove a touch of true magic.

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Music History

Jackson Browne – “Doctor, My Eyes”

From his album “Jackson Browne” (1972):

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New Music

Vera Blue – “Feel Better”

From her album “Mercurial” (2022):

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