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Liyah Knight – “Play It Cool”

Born in Australia to an Australian-Italian mother and a Nigerian father, this singer and songwriter grew up bouncing between cultures and finding it hard to fit in. After learning about poets like Allen Ginsberg and Sylvia Plath, she found solace in writing poetry. At 14 she began adding music to her words. Inspired by Amy Winehouse and Frank Ocean, she released her debut “Mine” in 2020.

Birthed out of 12 months of doing what she loves, her new single tells a story of not taking life and relationships too seriously and to just enjoy every moment. With an inspired fusion of musical influences, like classic R&B and buttery-smooth soul, it’s the bouncy beat, sprightly keys and balmy bass that shape an infectious melody. And with her flirtatious vocals, this groove is the epitome of cool.

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Music History

Pharrell Williams – “Gust Of Wind”

From his album “G I R L” (2014):

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New Music

Gorgeous – “Nothing Was Perfect”

Blending folk, indie and pop into a retro-touched sound-scape, this is the new single by Danish duo Gorgeous:

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