In The Spotlight

Natisa Gogol – “Aesthetics”

Born in Dnipro, this Ukrainian singer and songwriter was encouraged by her parents to nurture her natural musical talent. She started with piano lessons at music school and progressed to the Kyiv Academy of Performing Arts. Four years later she became a soloist for the State Academic Orchestra. Inspired by Ella Fitzgerald, Barbra Streisand and Quincy Jones, she debuted with “Wind Of Hope” in 2023.

With statement lyrics telling the story of two women who inadvertently fall in love with each other, her new single calls for acceptance, inclusion and tolerance. Constructed with layers of anthemic artistry, she uses her incredible vocals to reach our souls in the verses, while the disco-tinged chorus delivers an upbeat sonic explosion of neon glitter. This groove conveys strength, resilience and love.

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