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FLARA K – “Me And You”

Consisting of Sam Martell and Collin Steinz, this dynamic duo has been touring their native Canada for over five years. Recently they’ve played a headlining show at the renowned international music festival POP Montreal and they got nominated for a 2018 Independent Music Award. Giving their own unique twist to a Pop/R&B mixture, they released their debut single “Offline” in September 2018.

Their sophomore single starts with sultry, soul-touched smooth grooves, which lead to a mighty, high-voltage chorus. Being the title-track of their upcoming EP, it bridges the polished, retro-soaked vibes and the modern synths to reach an original glistening fusion. With bewitching vocals, ranging from soothing R&B to heart-wrenching power, this is a vigorous piece of punchy Pop.

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