In The Spotlight

Daniel Hardin – “All She Wrote”

This Athens, Georgia-based singer, songwriter and guitarist crafts his songs organically and from the heart. Having spent most of his high school years learning how to build guitars, record music and write songs, he began to play sold-out local venues. Inspired by John Mayer, Joe Bonamassa and BB King, he blends blues, rock, pop and soul into an irresistible fusion of pure, impassioned tunes.

Adding a funky layer to some fiery southern blues, his latest single digs deep into your soul and sets it ablaze. With its infectious rhythm and thrilling guitar riffs creating an ear-popping eruption of musical dynamics, its the emotive quality of his authentic and titillating vocals and the vivacious howling electric guitar solo, which truly takes this blues-rock groove to uncharted melodic realms.

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In Memoriam

Captain & Tennille – “Circles”

Daryl “The Captain” Dragon passed away on 2 January 2019, aged 76.

From their album “Come In From The Rain” (1977):

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New Music

ANYA – “These Days”

This is the new single by Danish songbird ANYA:

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