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Alexis Evans – “I Made A Deal With Myself”

Apart from great wines, Bordeaux has also produced this exciting new Anglo-French singer, songwriter and musician. He grew up surrounded by Afro-American music and his father taught him to play the guitar. He won the Cognac Blues Passions prize aged 17 for his project “Jumping To The Westside”. In 2016 he released his debut alubm “Girl Bait” and is known as “enfant prodige of soul”.

His delectable new single is a refreshing wave of vintage soul. Taken from his upcoming album “I’ve Come A Long Way”, to be released on March 8th, it takes the passion and the power of 60s soul, adds a touch of Rhythm ‘n’ Blues and blends it with a bouncy beat and blazing brass. His rousing retro-styled voice vitalizes your very core and reveals why he is heralded as the next big thing in soul.

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Music History

Bananarama – “Movin’ On”

From their album “Please Yourself” (1993):

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New Music

Bryan Adams – “Shine A Light”

From his upcoming album “Shine A Light”, to be released on 1 March 2019:

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