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Adia Victoria – “Different Kind Of Love”

Born in South Carolina, this American singer, songwriter and poet started exploring wide-ranging music from Kurt Cobain to Miles Davis while she was in high school. Infected by the musical bug, she moved to New York in search of her own sound. The gift of a guitar led to her expermenting with blues music. Now based in Nashville, she debuted with the single “Stuck In The South” in 2016.

The latest taster of her upcoming second album “Silences”, which is due to be released on February 22nd, is a fiery and enigmatic slice straight out of the mid-60s. The punchy rhythmic beat, sleek vintage electro-guitars and the sexy sax make you feel transported to the swinging sixties, while her bewitching, sensuous vocals add a hot and steamy side to this  dark, lustful gothic-blues groove.

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Music History

Boy George – “Live My Life”

From the soundtrack of the movie “Hiding Out” (1987):

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New Music

Natalie Shay – “Yesterday”

This is the new single by British award-winning indie-pop singer and songwriter Natalie Shay:

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