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Isle Of You – “Change Of Heart”

Swedish duo Ida Johansson and Elina Danielsson met while taking guitar lessons in their hometown of Öland aged 10. They formed in 2008 and played local venues until they were signed by RamPac Recordings in 2015. They debuted with their single “50+1” a year later. In 2017 they performed in a prison in Columbia and in 2018 moved to Stockholm to develop their 80s-dipped, energetic sound.

Their new single takes quintessential 80s synthpop, soaked in some early Madonna vibes and adds some modern R&B effects to bring this groove right up-to-date. Singing about heart-break, the sad lyrical topic is supplemented by the electronic hues of the shimmering retro synths, the punchy beat and their smooth, harmonious vocals, giving it neon-sprinkled pop pizzazz.

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Music History

Stevie Wonder – “So What The Fuss”

From his album “A Time 2 Love” (2005):

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New Music

Lizzo – “Juice”

This is the new Funk-Pop sizzler by singer and rapper Lizzo:

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